Ecodaken: Ecoroofs


We install a green roof of Ecodaken on top of the existing roof construction. To insure quick installation, a few conditions need to be in place: 

  • a good drainage
  • a rim to prevent dirt and plants from washing away after showers
  • A sturdy roof construction. In general, most roofs are suitable without extra construction

Depending on rainy conditions, the total roof weight may vary after a downpour (30 to 60 kg per square meters). By law, however, roofs in the Netherlands are required to carry 156 kg per square meter. This means most roofs will encounter no problem with a green roof installation. By way of comparison: many roofs sport gravel that can amount to 90-150 kg per square meter after a heavy rainfall. In those cases, we will remove the gravel to replace it with a much lighter green roof.

We can offer outside services for a specialist should there be any doubt about the construction of the roof.