Ecodaken: Extends lifespan roof


Efficiency: Smart Investment in Your Roof

A green roof extends the life of your roof significantly. Because a green roof insulates it saves energy. Moreover, it is almost maintenance free and easy to install. Green roofs reduce noise pollution but can also function as sound proofing. Subsidies are now available to help you realize a green roof.

Ecological: Install Your Own Green Lung

By the absorbing capacity a green roof absorbs excess water runoffs. A green roof improves air quality and raises oxygen production. It reduces the urban heat island impact in our cities.  Creating an ecolint on unprecedented altitude, it encourages biodiversity.

Aesthetically: Pleasing the Eye

Green rooftops are inviting and pleasing for the eye. The greening of our urban environment from above banishes the monotonous mass of the black roof landscapes and contributes to our general wellbeing and health.

Increases Roof Life

Green roofs double the life span of roof with at least 40 years. Conventional roofs last only 20 years on average because they are exposed to UV- and infra-red radiation, extreme temperature swings, wind, and precipitation. The temperature differences can run from 20 ºC in the winter to 80 ºC in the summer. A difference of 100 degrees! The heat on a green roof never exceeds 32 ºC: the vegetation absorbs the damaging UV- and infrared radiation and prevents roof surface distortions by overheating. Green roofs are is a great and natural way to cut down on the ageing and wear-and-tear process of your roof.

Another big advantage: green roofs slow down flames in a fire. Risk of fire with bithumen roofs is 15 to 20 times bigger than with a vegetation roof. The best proof is one of Europe's oldest green roofs installed in 1914 has never been replaced. In the long run, green roofs are a great investment in your home.