WHAT IS Ecodaken

Ecodaken helps you green your roof with plants that thrive on a thin earth layer. We use plants with shallow root systems thus reducing the weight. Our green roofs are easy to install: no need for irrigation, maintenance, or reconstruction of the roof. Because we install the vegetation right on the existing roof construction, our system can be applied on virtually any roof.

Ecodaken uses plants that can stand extreme weather conditions, ranging from wet and cold winters to dry and hot summers. Our green roofs remain green all year and blossom in the summer. They are the eye-pleasing solution for the black bitumen roofs that often spoil the view in the city.

Ecodaken first installs a foil layer to protect the roof. A second layer helps absorb excess water after heavy showers. We put a special thin layer with a mixture of nutritions, light weight lava and organic material. Lava is added to cut down on the weight, but it also helps buffer water for dry spells in the summer and has the characteristic of releasing water slowly and steadily in times of storms. On top we put a layer of a variety of hardy wintergreen plants that blossom in the summer.